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New Works

If I had to put a title to the past couple of months it would definitely be "new works".

Our writer's group meets twice a month and it's always an adventure because you never know what our playwrights will bring in! One might have a dark, twisted theme or maybe a funny, quirky piece. Others - like this past week - included a sock puppet and a game show host! Some are historical and others hysterical! I have had the pleasure of hearing about Dracula visiting the dentist; about two rednecks who thought they could conjure spirits to "get babes" when they really summoned a Satin worshipper! I have heard about women scientists and investigators and the Booth brothers before the infamous Booth shot Lincoln.

This year, we have and/or are hosting three workshops of original plays and musicals. This past summer, we hosted a four day workshop of Steve McElroy's Children's musical, The Bus Stops Here. We have been so fortunate to have such great talent to help develop this work and are pleased that we can present it to audiences this December. I have to say, hearing the children read the words and singing the songs was amazing to see and hear. After having lived with this musical for two years, hearing it come to life is like giving birth! The children's reaction to the story was heartwarming because you only hope that children will love it; but to see them laugh and bop their head to the music was exactly what we'd hoped for.

In November, we are hosting Allan Dodson and Run McCoy as they work on a joint piece about racism in a most unique way. And in March, we will host a four day workshop with a public reading of Rus McCoy's musical about the actual people who inspired the characters in Gone with the Wind.

I think this is what really is my "happy place" - when I see artists coming together to make something that had never existed before. To see that it brings joy to others is really the cherry on the cake. I cannot wait for you all to see these original works that are being developed by Merely Write and brought to you by Merely Players Presents. Stay tuned!

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