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Merely Players Presents auditions for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time May 20 and 21.

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Christopher- a 15-year old; highly gifted in mathematics with autism

Siobhan- Christopher's teacher; 20-30s; loving, caring, attentive

Ed- Christopher's father; 30-50s; Christopher's sole caregiver; has a secret

Judy- Christopher's mother; 30-50s; fragile; unable to deal with his special needs

Voice One/Mrs. Shears and others - female 30-50s

Voice Two/Roger Shears and others- male 30-50s

Voice Three/Policeman and others- male 30-50s

Voice Four/Rev. Peters and others- male 30-40s

Voice Five/No. 40 and others- female 30-40s

Voice Six/Mrs. Alexander and others-female 50-60s

All auditionees will prepare a one minute monologue and be prepared to read sides from the script.  Please sign up for an audition slot by CLICKING HERE. 
Bring all known and potential conflicts with you to the audition.

Please familiarize yourself with the play prior to auditions. Some physical movement is required for this show.  If you have any physical restrictions, please let us know.  This is an ensemble piece. You do NOT have to use a British accent with your audition. 

Call Backs will be May 23; rehearsals begin July 25 and will be held Tuesday, Thursday evenings 7:00 till 9:30 and Sundays 2:00 till 5:00 until tech week, which will begin Saturday, September 9.  We will then rehearse during the daytime on Saturday and Sunday and nightly until opening September 15. 

Read through TBD after casting. 

All cast will be REQUIRED to be OFF BOOK at the first rehearsal on July 25.


A Stipend of $100 is paid for all actors. 

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