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Play Submission Guidelines

Daniel Guyton

Writing Development Coordinator

Artistic development is a huge part of our mission, so producing original and less-known gems appeals to us. We accept play submissions throughout the year for consideration in upcoming seasons. We also post calls for scripts for specific events or seasons. 


Part of our mission will be to present plays in a venue that suits the work. Therefore, we may choose to have your work performed someplace other than our theatre home. This may lead to outdoor, salon, or immersive experiences. As such, audience size may range from 20 to 200 seats. Venue selection will be subject to the playwrights approval.

When you submit your script, please include a biography and/or author's history of the play, character breakdown, and a brief description or synopsis of the play.

Oh, and electronic submissions in PDF only, please! We've provided a handy-dandy button to help you get scripts into our pipeline for the right reading panel. More good news: we do not charge a submission fee! (We don't promise to read entire script either. You better slay us in the first 15 pages.)

Below are the basic guidelines for each submission category (Anytime, 10-Minute Spring Festival, Hallowed Season, Winter Holidays, etc.) Feel free to reach out to us with questions! (You can use the handy-dandy button for that, too!)

Anytime Submissions

Deadline: None

Feel free to electronically submit a finished script anytime throughout the year. We will confirm receipt and set expectations as to when you will hear from us again. 

Please do not send drafts of works in process. Previously produced plays okay. Simultaneous submissions okay.

Deadline: None

Response: Within 7 months

Genre: Comedy or Drama

Cast Size: 1 - 30

Length: 45 - 100 minutes

Format: For kids, musicals, and multimedia projects, send inquiry first

Stipend: Negotiable flat fee

Pet Peeve: Didacticism

Bonus Points: Raise questions. Don't answer them.

Script Limit: 1 script for this category every 8 months. (You can submit to other categories while waiting to hear from us.)

One Acts and Full-length


Deadline: January 31, 2020

Next Summer, Merely Writers will be producing a collection of short plays written by Georgia playwrights. 

For the 2020 festival, we are specifically interested in plays that depict a day in the life in America, especially those that bridge understanding between people with diverse perspectives.

Adult content is fine and should be very relevant to the script - not feel "extraneous". (We're okay with pushing the envelope, but it should feel like the envelope is being pushed for a reason.)

If it is a published piece, please just let us know who the publisher is so we can contact them, if necessary. 

Previously produced plays okay, BUT if it has been produced in Georgia within the last three years, please let us know where and when. Simultaneous submissions okay.

Deadline: January 31, 2020

Response: March 31

Participants: Georgia playwrights only

Genre: Comedy or Drama

Cast Size: Unlimited

Length: 15 - 45 minutes

Format: No kid plays, musicals, or multimedia projects. Inquiry welcome.

Stipend: Small stipend TBD

Pet Peeves:

  • Extraneous cursing

  • Under-developed characters

  • Didacticism 

Bonus Points: We encourage diversity in terms of character age, gender identity, ethnicity, disability, and sexual orientation. Plays in which characters can be played by a variety of performer backgrounds are especially appealing, though we are not opposed to plays requiring a specific character type as well. We just want to encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to casting.

Script Limit: 1 per year

Short Play Festival


Hallowed Season

Deadline: April 1 

We're going to be flexible with this category. What does that mean? It means we don't really know what we're doing for Halloween. Like, we may actually do something for All Saints Day / Day of the Dead, instead. We don't have a predefined vision or format for this spot. We'd rather let the submissions we receive inspire us. Our only goal at this point is to scare the pee out of our audience. Can you help us do that?

Deadline: April 1

Response: June 1

Genre: Comedy or Drama

Cast Size: 1 - 5

Length: 20 - 100 minutes

Format: For kids, musicals, and multimedia projects, send inquiry first

Stipend: Flat fee TBD

Pet Peeve: Scooby-Doo reveals

Bonus Points: Main character is over 50

Script Limit: 2 per year

One Acts and Full-length


Winter Holiday Season

Deadline: June 1

Please submit a finished script exploring themes relevant to the winter holiday season. What do we call the winter holiday season? Any holiday or celebration that takes place while it's at least a little chilly outside (okay, if your setting is Australia, you get a pass) related to a festival of lights, giving of thanks, ringing in the new year, Valentines, Carnivale, and even St. Patrick's Day (maybe even the day after St. Pat's, eh?)

Please do not send drafts of works in process. Previously produced plays okay. Simultaneous submissions okay.

Deadline: June 1

Response: July 30

Genre: Comedy or Drama

Cast Size: 1 - 8

Length: 30 - 100 minutes

Format: For kids, musicals, and multimedia projects, send inquiry first

Stipend: Flat fee TBD

Pet Peeves:

  • Dinner table scenes

  • Non-holiday plays retro-fitted for holidays

Bonus Points: Your story explains photo of girls with suitcase above. BTW, it's unlikely her look-alike will audition....you may want to keep that in mind.

Script Limit: 1 per year

One Acts and Full-length