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The Future of Merely Players Presents

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

"Now the darkness only stays at nighttime

In the morning it will fade away

Daylight is good at arriving at the right time

It’s not always going to be this grey.....

All things must pass."

-George Harrison


Hey friends:

I don't know about you, but I have been spending a lot of my time working at my computer and listening to some good old music (while not watching Hamilton for the umpteenth time while it's streaming!). It's funny how the songs you have heard your entire life take on new meaning with time.

I know that I have reflected on a lot of things since the "shutdown" - about my life, about the time I have left on this planet and the journey I am taking with those around me. You might say that this "pause" has certainly given me pause.

I think I have truly come to appreciate the simple things - sitting outside, listening to the birds, enjoying a cool breeze, watching the visitors come and go through my backyard, a good laugh with my husband, and other things like not answering to an alarm, not having to be somewhere every day and night, and just taking... time.

I recognize that not everyone is so lucky. So many have lost their livelihood and are living in fear as to what comes next. I, too, have experienced periods of anxiety, but not to the depths as some who don't know how they are going to keep a roof over their head or food on the table.

As so many of us have had to roll with the punches, we find the need to embrace the change and recognize that life as we know it is transitory.

It's these types of situations and realities that many businesses have faced as they try to keep their doors open. And so it is with our home at the Atlanta Cuban Club.

The ACC has had to come to the very difficult reality that they are no longer able to sustain the club financially without having their events and Sunday lunches. This has been a very difficult change for the club members who have had their home in Doraville since 1977.

We have made our home there since November 2018, and in that time, we enjoyed amazing gatherings with our writer's group, our inaugural AmpliFest, the Banned Together Cabaret, and made it through about three-fourths of our season! But now we must move. We started as a homeless theatre, and we continue as one until circumstances change. One thing we know for certain is that we are committed to remaining in Doraville, -a city and its people with whom we have fallen in love with - and the city seems to want to keep us.

So until the time when we can gather again, we will be a virtual theatre for the foreseeable future. We hope that you will continue to join us online with our virtual performances, readings, and classes. In the next few weeks, I will be announcing our season - yes, we are having a season! - and we have quite the line up. In fact, I am very excited about everything we are able to do and offer not only for our audiences, but for our casts, directors, playwrights, and writer's group!

I am reminded of those corny but well-intended posters that hung in my high school classroom - the ones that read "What seems like an end is only a new beginning", but that quote seems particularly apropos these days.

As for our end at the ACC, we can't say enough about the time we have enjoyed there- the warm wonderful members who embraced us as strangers and welcomed us into their home where we became friends. To Margarita, Carmen, Alex, Yoyi, Laura, Mary, Saul, Jose, Gladys, Aurelia and so, so many more - "Gracias desde el fondo de nuestros corazones."

So as the song says, "daylight is good at arriving at the right time".

We will wait for the sun.

Blessings to you all,


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