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Hello writers and other talented people! Here are some creative events that members of Merely Writers and Merely Players Presents have coming up in May and beyond:

  • Merely Players Presents is hosting a staged reading of Laura King's play "Uncovered" on May 6 and May 7 at 7pm. Both evenings will be LIVE in-person at MPP's new home at the Doraville Civic Center: 3770 Central Ave, Doraville, GA. Suggested donation of $5. The cast includes:

    • Ava Davis

    • Elyse Davis

    • Christine Fuchs

    • Pamela Gold

    • Katie King

    • Sharon Mathis

    • Nicole Moore-Joseph

    • Odelia San Diego

    • Jennifer Skuro

    • Lucy Smith

  • The Fayetteville Environmental Education Center will host "The Red Clay Festival" on Saturday, May 7. It is an all-day event from 10:30am until 10:30pm, featuring storytellers, music, puppeteers, and other activities. Takes place in Fayetteville, GA. Tickets may be purchased here: Red Clay Festival Tickets, Sat, May 7, 2022 at 10:30 AM | Eventbrite.

  • Merely Writers will host a LIVE in-person reading of Nedra Roberts' play "Joey Latino and Frankie Z" on Monday, May 9 at 7:30pm. The event will be at the Doraville Civic Center at 3770 Central Ave, Doraville, GA. Free to attend, but donations are accepted. The cast includes:

    • Joey Latino - Joshua Williams

    • Frankie Zamboni - Ben Stokes

    • Immaculata - Catherine Caruso Thomas

    • Liza - TJ Sanson

    • Father/Boss/Tommy Two-Shoes - Steve Pryor

    • Stage Directions - Daniel Guyton

  • Merely Writers will host a reading of Karen Ruetz' play "The Art of Deception" on Monday, June 27 at 7:30pm. More details will be provided as we get closer.

  • Merely Writers will host a Zoom reading of two one-acts by Thomas Cherwin on Monday, July 25 at 7:30pm. More info will be provided as we get closer.

  • Merely Writers will host a Zoom reading of Judy Klass' play "Hallway House" on Monday, August 22 at 7:30pm. More info will be provided as we get closer.

Submission Opportunities:

  • Merely Writers is accepting short plays now for the Writer's Group Meeting on Monday, May 23. (The Doraville Civic Center is not available to us on Sunday evenings. Therefore, all live in-person events will be scheduled for Monday evenings, until further notice. We can still meet on Sunday evenings for Zoom readings). This meeting will be LIVE IN-PERSON at the Doraville Civic Center. Since actors need time to print out and highlight the scripts, we will need to pre-cast. That means that we will need your 15-page (or less) samples and cast breakdown by Sunday, May 15. If you would like to participate, please email the script and cast breakdown to with the subject "Merely Writers - Sunday Meeting". We will accept the first 6 plays. Any more than 6 will be moved to the following session.

    • Samples must be 15 minutes or less. Can be a stand-alone play or a sample from a larger play.

    • Please complete the cast breakdown by clicking this link and attaching this form to the email.

    • We need to send scripts to the actors in advance, so they can review them. Therefore, we will need the scripts to be sent with the cast breakdown.

  • Merely Writers is accepting full-length plays for our 4th Monday Full-Length Play Reading Series #4MFLPRS. If you have a full-length play you would like to hear read aloud, please email it to

  • Emory University's Alzheimer Center is seeking one-act plays for staged readings to help keep their patients' minds sharpen and creative. The patients are already painting, writing poetry, and utilizing other creative outlets, but Sherry Paulsen thought that acting might be an equally fun challenge. Obviously, memorizing lines will be difficult, which is why the performances will all be script-in-hand. They are seeking one-act plays (approx. 30 minutes long), preferably upbeat (Please, no plays ABOUT Alzheimer's - the goal is to cheer the patients up and have them focus on something other than their medical woes for a time). The ideal scripts will have 3-5 characters, though they'll consider plays with more or fewer characters than that. Please keep the language and themes PG. Please keep the themes light-hearted (Dark comedies will probably not go over well in this context). Also, plays with easy to follow storylines and language will be more appreciated than something more complex. If you have a script that you think will work well, please email Sherry Paulsen at

  • The Georgia Theatre Conference, the official theatre organization for the state of Georgia, is now taking submissions for its annual One Act New Play Competition. The competition is open to writers currently residing in Georgia. The winning playwright will receive a $500 prize, a play lab at the conference, and a performance as a staged reading during the conference, tentatively scheduled October 12-15, 2022 at the 588h Annual Georgia Theatre Conference Convention held at Camden County High School in Kingsland, GA. Guidelines are listed below:

    • Entries will be accepted until June 15, 2022 at 11:59pm via the submission form.

    • One submission per playwright only.

    • Play submissions must be a one-act with a running-time between 30 minutes and one hour and limited to 10 or fewer characters. If your play is longer than 55 pages, but you are certain that it runs shorter than one hour, please include a statement confirming this. Full length scripts, children’s plays, 10 Minute plays, and musicals are not accepted.

    • Plays must be unproduced (no professional, independent, college/university, or community theatre productions) and unpublished (including anthologies). Plays that have gone through readings and workshops are acceptable.

    • Playwright must reside in the state of Georgia.

    • Plays may be submitted by email attachment in Microsoft Word or PDF format with the following guidelines:

      • FORMATTING Text must be in a format supported by The Dramatists Guild of America, Inc. (Character name centered over the dialogue, 12-pt. font size, in Times New Roman or Courier New font style, etc.)

      • PAGINATION Script must include page numbers on each page

      • FILE NAME The File Name should be the Title of the Play

      • BLIND COPY The author’s name should not appear in the script. The author’s name and address should only appear in the body of the email.

      • Do not include resumes, playwright biographies, or history of the play. The play should speak for itself.

      • The winner will be notified in August. If the winner is unable to attend, a runner-up will be selected.

    •  Please go to (Link: One Act Play Competition) to submit. Questions? Email

  • Merely Players Presents is seeking Winter Holiday Plays for this December! Here are the guidelines:

    • Plays must be 15-45 minutes long. We are NOT seeking 10 minute plays at this time. The goal is to stage 4 one-act plays in approximately two hours. As such, the ideal length for plays is roughly 30 minutes each, but we will consider a longer 45 minute play if there is a shorter 15 minute play to balance it. 10 minute plays or shorter will not be considered. Playwrights and actors will be paid, and our goal is to keep it to 4 playwrights and 5 actors total, so that everyone gets a reasonable stipend.

    • We will only be hiring 5 actors maximum. Therefore, your script should require 1-5 actors. More than 5 characters is fine, as long as 5 actors can pull it off.

    • Plays should be on the theme of "Winter Holiday". Obviously, Christmas is the big one, and we will accept Christmas plays, but we are especially looking for non-Christmas plays as well. We want to see Channukah plays, Kwanzaa plays, Winter Solstice plays, New Years Eve plays, or just about anything on the theme of "Winter Holiday." Special consideration will go towards scripts that cover lesser known winter festivities, but Christmas plays will also be considered.

    • Deadline is July 31 at 11:59pm. (We would like to have all plays selected by mid-August so we can begin casting and marketing as early as possible).

    • Please submit your scripts to with the Subject: "MPP Winter Holiday Play".

    • Merely Writers' members may submit as many scripts as they want. Non-members are limited to two submissions each.

Casting Opportunities:

  • OnStage Atlanta is seeking three actors and a Stage Manager for "Always a Bridesmaid" by Jones, Hope and Wooten. The director is Daniel Guyton. Three of the roles have been pre-cast, but three roles are still available. Show dates will be July 8-24 (Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 3pm). Auditions will be held on Tuesday May 10, 2022 from 6-10pm. (If you cannot make this date and time, please email anyway, and we'll try to find a workaround). This will be a live in-person show that runs on the main stage at OSA. This is a paid opportunity (although it honestly does not pay much - we are a community theatre on a shoestring budget). Rehearsals will start at the end of May and run through the beginning of July. We will NOT rehearse on the 4th of July. I'm flexible with most conflicts as long as I know about them early on. If interested in auditioning, please email me at If interested in stage managing, please email the director at The characters needing to be cast are:

    • Kari-Ames Bissette - female-identifying, late 20's, a kind-hearted, spirited Southern charmer

    • Libby Ruth Ames - female-identifying, late 40's, hopeless romantic, sweet country woman, plain-spoken and guileless

    • Sedalia Ellicott - female-identifying, 60s, a gregarious energetic Virginia hostess and life-force

  • Clinical Skills USA is seeking Standardized Patients. Those selected will be paid to act as a medical patient, while students in medical and/or nursing schools try to figure out your diagnosis. If hired, you will be given specific details about your character to memorize, and then you get to improvise most of the answers, within a set of guidelines. This process helps the medical students learn how to diagnose a patient, as well as practice their bedside manner. Part of the fun of this job is helping these students learn how best to help others. If hired, you will be asked to work at various medical and nursing schools around the city of Atlanta. It's a lot of fun, I've been working with them for about 3 years now. I've played cancer patients, heart attack patients, a patient with lower back pain, a perfectly healthy patient, and so on. They pay well, and they work around your schedule. If interested, please send your resume and headshot to Chelsea Dinegan Davis at

  • Life on Campus is hiring actors and directors. I have worked with them on and off since 2011 and it's a lot of fun. The job requires travel, but all expenses are paid, along with a decent stipend. It is gig work and each assignment lasts about 3-4 days. It involves traveling to different college campuses around the country and teaching young people how to put on a play about college life. It's a great opportunity to travel the country, work with young actors, and get paid to create theatre. For more information, please visit To apply, please send a resume to Colleen Hammond Whitmore at Please let her know that you heard about it through Daniel Guyton.

Thanks! And we look forward to seeing you at some of our scheduled events!

Daniel Guyton
Writing Development Coordinator
Merely Players Presents