Hello writers and other talented people! We hope that you are still staying safe and somehow managing to stay sane during these unusual times. Here are some creative events that Merely Writers and Merely Players Presents have coming up:

  1. Merely Writers will present David Davis' play "Angel" as a Zoom reading on Monday, April 26 at 7:30pm. The cast will be:

  2. We are accepting short plays now for the Writer's Group Meeting on Monday, May 2. Since actors need time to print out and highlight the scripts, we will need to pre-cast. That means that we will need your 15-page (or less) samples and cast breakdown by Sunday, April 25. If you would like to participate, please email the script and cast breakdown to dguytonsubmissions@gmail.com with the subject "Merely Writers - Sunday Meeting". We will accept the first 6 plays. Any more than 6 will be moved to the following session.

    • Samples must be 15 minutes or less. Can be a stand-alone play or a sample from a larger play.

    • Please complete the cast breakdown by clicking this link and attaching this form to the email.

    • We need to send scripts to the actors in advance, so they can print them out, etc, Therefore, we will need the scripts to be sent with the cast breakdown.

  3. Merely Writers will present Laura Pfizenmayer's play "Cancer is a Pain in My Ass" as a Zoom reading on Monday, May 10 at 7:30pm. The cast includes:

    1. Jean Mix - Diane Dicker

    2. Joseph Mix - Steve Pryor

    3. Dr. Berry - Linda Marie Johnson

    4. Dr. Grimn - Celeste Campbell

    5. Jennie - Natalie Karp

    6. John - Phil Keeling

      1. Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86149434970?pwd=SGl1RndDc3d4cmt0cWJDQkU0bDYvQT09

      2. Meeting ID: 861 4943 4970 // Passcode: 123456

  4. Merely Writers will present Ryan Kaminski's "Forgotten Falls" as a Zoom reading on Monday, May 24 at 7:30pm. More info will be provided as we get closer.

  5. Merely Writers will present Rus McCoy's "Amazons of Paris" as a Zoom reading on Monday, June 14 at 7:30pm. More info will be provided as we get closer.

  6. Merely Writers will present Karen Ruetz' "Ring My Bell, Ramona" as a Zoom reading on Monday, June 28 at 7:30pm. More info will be provided as we get closer.

  7. If any of our members have a play that will work as an online Zoom performance (not a reading, but a fully rehearsed performance), and you want Merely Players' help in putting it up, please let us know! We'd love to work with you!

  8. If you have a play that probably won't be great on Zoom (a lot of physical contact and multiple sets, for instance), but you would still love to hear it read out loud, please consider submitting it for the 4th Monday Full Play Reading Series (#4MFPRS). Most of our Zoom readings for the #4MFPRS have been very successful, and they're fairly easy to put on. If anyone has a full-length (or two long one-acts) that they would like to present via Zoom, please let us know. We have several openings.

  9. If anyone wants to teach an online class or workshop that is theatre related, Merely Players Presents would like to speak with you. We've done several workshops so far, and they've all been pretty successful.

  10. Pumphouse Players is accepting full-length plays for a reading series. The deadline is April 30. for more information, please visit: Local Playwright Series – Pumphouse Players.

  11. Edward Coles Commissioned Play Opportunity: Bob Herndon, retired Educator from Decatur Georgia, Emory History Major 1985, wants to commission a play to be written about Edward Coles, the second Governor of Illinois and an early anti-slavery advocate. Here is the link to the Wikipedia entry about him: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Coles

    1. Playwrights are invited to submit a proposal to Mr. Herndon, no more than a page in length, talking about what your plans and approach to writing the play would be. Please attach a resume or writing credentials along with this proposal. The deadline for submitting these will be May 30, 2021. Submissions may be emailed to roberteherndon@gmail.com . Winners will be notified by June 20th.

    2. Mr. Herndon will select five writers and sign contracts to pay each of them $1,000 to write a first draft ($500 upon notification and $500 upon completion), to be turned in to him by the end of November, 2021.

    3. He will then select the submission he wants to go with, and pay that writer $2,500 to write a final version of the play, in preparation for a possible Atlanta production in 2022.

    4. Once the play is finalized and performance-ready, he will pay an additional $7,500. This means the winning playwright will receive a total of $11,000 by the time the process is complete.

    5. Please contact Mr. Herndon if you have further questions, at roberteherndon@gmail.com .

Thanks! And we look forward to seeing you at some of our scheduled online events!

Daniel Guyton
Writing Development Coordinator
Merely Players Presents